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If you are interested in joining the 68th and getting involved in a hobby with like minded people, visiting historical sites across the U.K and abroad then please use the contact us form on this page. 

We are actively seeking new members for the society in a number of roles these include soldiers, musicians and civilian roles. For anyone interested in joining below are some frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost?

Joining the society costs either a single £20 or family £25 membership yearly fee. However the hobby, like an other, does come with costs in form of buying the right clothing and other equipment. As such we have store of spare clothing and equipment for new starters, this is free for the first event. Afterwhich you will be able to rent equipment per event from the society while purchasing and making the various items of equipment and accoutrements needed. We increasingly try to make these in-house at making sessions throughout the close season which keeps the cost as low as possible and also allows memebrs to utilises existing skills like custom making or learn new skills. 

What should I expect from my first event?

Our events can take place in any part of the U.K and further afield, having done events in Europe and even the United States. Depending on the event location there may be a mini-bus organised or often there is car sharing between members, with everyone arriving on Friday night to set-up for the weekends event and catchup.

Generally events take part at a historical site where we have been invited to put on a specific historical display. During the day we carry out activities as requested by the event sponsor, such as formal displays, practicing drill or displaying every day activities to the public; these might as simple as cooking or even washing clothes. 

Accomodation generally speaking is in canvas tents, the society has some tents which are used communally or individuals buy tents for private use. Alternatively we are sometimes billted indoors or if we are very lucky get the use of historical buildings. 

Food is cooked communally over a wood fire, ususally as part of the display for the public. 

How do I join?

Generally speaking as a first step, we think the best way to get involved is to meet us at either an event or drill session. Please see our events list of our next event or drill session. 

Drill Session are listed on our events page:

Our Events Page



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